Keep your premises clear and safe in inclement weather


The arrival of winter is largely viewed with trepidation as it heralds the arrival of months of snow, which make our areas unsafe and inaccessible. Almost all of us, at some point or another have fallen victim to a fall or accident at these times

The dangers of accumulated snow on our properties are well known. An unkempt icy surrounding during winter can be a hazard and safety risk that could get your establishment into serious trouble if a visitor slips, falls or hurts themselves. Uncleared and accumulated snow makes your premises inaccessible as well, resulting in a loss of business, visitors, home members or employees.

At Amazing Construction, we offer excellent commercial only, snow and ice maintenance services, designed to clear up your surroundings and make it accessible to visitors without any safety hazards. Our work starts with a visit to your property and a snow removal plan covering the manner in which we will effect snow removal. Our preferred route is to use powered snow vehicles with dumper trucks, outfitted with strobe lights for safety.

We understand your need for discretion and quiet at such times, and accordingly develop a snow removal plan that suits you best. Our reputation in this area is remarkable and we have received compliments from satisfied customers for our prompt, round-the-clock all-weather service that keeps your premises accessible, safe and snow-free at all times.