Landscaping and interlocking

Transform your property into a veritable work of beauty and art….

Retaining Walls

Flower beds and garden bed walls are interesting ways to add color and attractiveness to your property. Aesthetic design and out-of-the-box thinking can transform a dull area of a garden to an object of attention and beauty.

Vertical walls which are strategically placed can provide an interesting variation to traditional garden areas, which generally tend to be horizontally landscaped. Both traditional flower beds and vertical bed walls are governed by the same principles of flower growth and bloom – as the weather gets warmer these beds spring into life showing off their color and texture, providing an inviting visage of flowers and plants. And when the winter sets in the wall displays patterned collections of accumulated

Grading / Sodding

The calming, pleasing and refreshing look that comes from a well-laid and maintained lawn is something every property owner desires. A well-laid lawn is a must-have for the discerning property owner for besides the benefits listed above, it also accentuates the vastness of the property and the care that the owner bestows on it. However, in order to achieve that elegant look, much expertise is needed.

Ground preparation is at the heart of a well-laid lawn. Factoring in the slope that is necessary – something the lay person does not know – is a key consideration. Lawns need considerable and sustained low-intensity sprays which need to drain away along a gradually-increasing slope, so as not to affect the structures next to which it is located, as well as not to become soggy due to poor drainage. The laying process incorporates tilling and grading of the soil, by elimination of rocks and stones, laying of the sod and application of layers of the soil in a manner that facilitates drainage, zero accumulation of water and at levels aligned to neighbouring concrete works like curbs and pavements. 

At Amazing Construction, we pride ourselves on the experience we have garnered in this field. Our experts will guide you in the right direction for setting up a grassroot lawn, installing new grass sodding or replacing your old and deteriorating sod  Along with our landscaping services, in the nature of terracing, retaining walls and bed walls, we turn your lawn and related areas into works of art.  


Construction specialists recognize the fact that not all grassroot sites involve flatland. More often than not they involve slopes, necessitating the creation of ‘levels’ on which both civil structures and garden areas or lawns can be built.

Essentially a service that involves many of our other areas of expertise, terracing by itself requires considerable planning to make the land tenable for construction and other activity. These may include the creation of trenches, excavation, use of stakes, wood logs and retaining walls to shore up the soil. Careful attention needs to be paid to the slope and drainage of water as a consequence of rains or watering, should the terraced area include a lawn.

We have considerable experience in terracing having implemented both grassroot and brownfield  projects. 


The first impression is the last impression they say and the pathway that leads to your front door is what catches the eye of every visitor. Behind that eye-catching look however lies considerable planning and effort. 

The good walkway compliments the front steps and stairs, the porch and the patio of the property it leads up to. Careful attention needs to be paid to design, distance, dimensions, adjoining soil areas and laying. The laying process which involves digging, installation of a gravel base, paver sand and finally paver blocks. Well done walkways do not show signs of collapse, lasting for years before any signs of collapse can appear.

We have constructed a number of walkways that adequately reflect our competence in this area. And though offer a wide variety of designs and options that suit every taste and need, we start your project with an open mind, always ready to incorporate some fresh design that you wish us to implement.