About Our Construction Company

About Amazing Construction

We are a Toronto-based construction contractor, providing the full range of concrete construction services for the housing, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Our large project database of successfully-implemented projects in varied sectors, our commitment to quality and safety, our environment-conscious approach and our customer-focused approach make us a much sought out partner for construction projects.

A project-driven organization, our customers recognize us for our professional standards, industry-leading practices and projects that distinguish themselves for their durability, aesthetics, on-time and within-budget completion and value for money.
Our business centres around 5 main verticals – Concrete Works, Excavation, Interlocking Solutions, Landscaping and Commercial Snow Removal.


We are a team of engineers, project management experts and construction specialists with vast experience in the field of construction. Each of our specialists have the necessary training and skill sets, with many of them boasting of cross-functional expertise. Each of them also has experience spanning several years and a multitude of projects.
We place high emphasis on ownership of our projects. For our customers, this translates as a personal investment each of our project team members makes to ensure best project completion status.
We assign a dedicated team to your project, with a cross-functional set of experts to ensure continuity and timely completion, in the rare occurrence of a difficulty.
As an organisation, we emphasize the importance of team morale and bonding. For our customers, this translates as a dedicated project team showing up on time, regardless of the weather or other situations, and delivering on our promises.

Our Vision

Our Goal is to continuing to excel in the field of construction, be recognised as the Contractor of Choice for customers in various sectors, and be regarded as a construction contractor acknowledged for our industry-leading practices, commitment to customers, safety and environmental practices, best-in-class projects, ethical standards and good relationships with associates

We shall accomplish this by
  1. Placing a high emphasis on Quality Control over all the phases of your project – planning, design, engineering and implementation. 
  2. Ensuring our projects reflect the use of ‘best-in-class’ materials and state-of-the-art equipment
  3. Ensuring that your projects are completed on time and within budget and progressed at every stage with due regard to customer specifications and evolving industry standards
  4. Pursuing excellence and superior delivery across all our projects
We are aware that we can achieve this only by being
  1. Open, responsive and professionally committed to the needs of our customers and prove ourselves to be a reliable and dependable Construction Contractor and associate
  2. Not compromising on our integrity and purpose, and to display dignity and mutual respect in our dealings with all our associates
  3. A socially-responsible company and discharge our responsibilities towards safety and the environment, through best practices in the field of construction and site management
We treasure our relationships
  1. We are convinced our customers ensure our success. Consequently, we place very high emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer relationships. Our customer policies are friendly and easy to understand
  2. We place high emphasis on our relationships with all our associates, including our suppliers, vendors, agencies and employees. We regard fair play and trust as important parameters in our ongoing efforts at cooperation
  3. We recognise the importance, position, capabilities and contributions of our competitors in the field of construction, and are committed to cooperating with them, where deemed mutually-beneficial and ethical

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise has its genesis in the trust our customers place in us, when they entrust us with their projects. Consequently, we regard ourselves as not just custodians of your project, but co-owners. This means that we treat every project like our own, and work with untiring zeal to ensure quality, timely and within-cost completion.

We commit to distinguishing ourselves with projects that are

  • EEngineered and constructed with the highest regard to quality in all aspects : planning, workmanship and delivery
  • EEnvironmentally and Safety compliant for all industry standards and statutory norms
  • ECharacterised by eco-friendly materials, best construction practices, longevity, aesthetic appeal and their uniqueness

Why Choose Us

Selection of a reliable construction contractor can be worrisome for a project owner on many counts. Questions as to the bonafides of the contractor, his specific experience, his reliability and finally his resources to ensure satisfactory completion of the project are sure to arise.

At Amazing Construction, we believe in putting these fears to rest.
Our quality speaks for our commitment. Our vast project reference list is an indicator of our experience. Our repeat projects for customers is the barometer of customer trust. The commitment of our teams represent on-the-ground demonstration of our culture. And our customer testimonials do justice to the customer satisfaction we strive for.

Your project starts with an in-depth study of your requirement, a visit to the site and a submission of the draft plan and budget. At your specific request, we can even organize for you, a visit to one of our ongoing or completed sites. We are flexible to accommodate change requests up to a certain stage of the project plan.

With a pedigree such as this, we are indeed the go-to construction partner for your projects and for architects and construction contractors looking to collaborate with us.

Major Ongoing Projects

1. Several Home Construction projects across Ontario


2. Milton – Roger Communication Tower


3. Communication Tower in London, Ontario

Our Resources

Our commitment to quality and the exigencies of our business demand that we invest in the high end resources necessary for your projects.
At Amazing Construction, we deploy the latest engineering software, heavy equipment and tools for achieving the standards we endeavor to. All our design software is fully licensed, and our heavy equipment compliant with local requirements for operation and handling.
Our best assets however are our skilled engineers, technicians and operators who we assign to your project.
Simply put, we assign our best resources to your project, so it meets with its desired end.

Health & Safety and Environment

As custodians of your project, HSE and the environment are important parameters. Our construction practices factor in safety at the project site, covering all aspects from safe excavation and earth moving, construction of foundations and superstructures, laying of slabs, handling and use of concrete and electrical safety.
For brownfield projects, we take due care to ensure safety of the surrounding areas and properties.
Good site practices ensure our project sites are always tidy and well-maintained, with careful storage of materials and spares.
We ensure site preparedness, planning ahead for weather fluctuations and seasons.
Since safety is a collaborative process, we keep you informed about safety measures and solicit your cooperation wherever needed.
Our day at your site, typically starts with a safety meeting of our team led by the Safety Officer, which, based on its size, may merit a dedicated Site Safety Manager. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must and no team member takes this for granted. Our decade and a half safety without Lost Time Incidents (LTI) is an industry record of sorts.
Our projects use environment-friendly materials , and we follow local requirements and industry standards for disposal of waste and effluents.

Our Process