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When we brought Amazing Construction on board for my property development plan, we were not quite prepared for the elaborate manner in which they proposed to do implement our project. They clearly knew the ins and outs of excavation, and the first few meetings if anything, proved to be a masterclass in heavy earth work

Anet Fibre Tech Inc.


Amazing Construction lived up to their reputation of being a first-rate contractor for landscaping and related concrete works, where we are concerned. Their work speaks for itself. Today, thanks to them, we have a landscaped garden that is literally the cynosure of all our friends, family and neighbours. Beautifully terraced. Adequately shored up in concrete.

Evelyn and George


The tagline of Amazing Construction goes ‘Grouted in Trust’. I couldn’t agree more. That is exactly the feeling I have after experiencing their handling of my concrete works when setting up my project. I don’t normally get carried away with first impressions, but they made an impact presentation for me, that convinced me they were

Brian Chan


Deeply taken up with the cobbled paths that we encountered on our tours to Europe, we decided to have our driveway and pathways at our place done up again in an interlocking pattern. Amazing Construction gave us just the look we wanted – interlocking cement blocks, neatly and firmly laid out and beautifully finished with

Althea and Nick

Commercial Snow Removal

There was a time we would shovel the snow in our property-front ourselves, but soon realized we would be better off with a contractor using mechanical means of snow clearance, particularly considering the size of the area, and the larger amounts of snowfall that our region generally receives. Looking back, signing up with Amazing Construction

Khalsa Community School


As part of the modernization process of our property, we had occasion to use the services of Amazing Construction for demolishing one of our structures. Team Amazing did a professional job of what is normally a very cumbersome and intrusive activity. They took due care for safety and cleanliness at the site, and despite the


After satisfactorily availing the services of Amazing Construction for our Grading activity at the time of construction, we would strongly recommend their services to those undertaking such projects. We found them to be efficient and knowledgeable and always ready to spare no pains to ensure the project success. Customer satisfaction is high on their agenda,


As custodians of your project, we work to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our projects distinguish themselves with their quality, best-in-class materials and longevity’
- Baljinder Singh Dhaliwal, CEO