Enhance the beauty of your property with our standout concrete solutions…

Warehouse Floor

The essence of good warehouse flooring lies in choosing the right type of material and construction technique bearing in mind the high loads that the floor will take over a period of time, per square area.

Often dismissed as a construction area in comparison to its more ‘glamourous’ cousins in the construction arena like walls, pillars etc, the success of the floor lies in proper estimation of the quantities of material, the soil specifications and the implementation of the structural design codes necessary to implementing these ‘ground floor’ slabs.

Amazing Construction leverages its knowledge of these structures, its familiarity with design codes and a thorough knowledge of concrete behaviour at various stages to produce lasting, cost-effective warehouse floors that serve your business needs, without the headaches generally associated with such areas like sinking or collapsing, cracking and ingress of water from external sources.

Suspended Slabs

Suspended slabs are the slabs in the upper areas of your property, after the ground floor has been built. Since they are above the surface and do not directly use the ground for their support, but rather are reliant on columns and beams for their support, they are called suspended slabs.

Amazing Construction has considerable experience in the ‘on-site’ pour-in-place concrete variety of suspended slabs and leverages their experience in concrete to create strong, reliable, safe, energy-efficient suspended slabs that will stand the test of time.

Slabs on grade

Slab-on-grade foundations are generally used in tenements found in tract housing, since they are quick and easy to install compared to regular construction slabs for structures of more permanent nature.

It is this simplicity that is the source of most of the problems that show up with this kind of foundations. These problems include settlement of the soil after laying the foundation, cracking of the slab, moisture and drainage issues, heat loss in the slab and ingress of water from external sources resulting in flooding.

Amazing Construction has considerable experience in this area. It leverages its knowledge of construction codes, soil studies, load-bearing assessments and finally concrete behaviour to produce reliable, lasting slabs on grade.

Commercial Walkways

Business people walking through a covered walkway on the way to catch a plane.

We pay special attention to the construction of walkways that connect various areas of your property. Our work starts with assessing the terrain on which the walkway is to be built, and determining the depth of excavation that will be needed. Deep excavation is not always called for as it can result in unnecessary costs of material being incurred.

The good walkway sits a little higher than the adjoining areas, is well compacted with earth, gravel and sand, and finished in your choice of materials.

Though we recommend interlocking blocks for a truly aesthetic finish, you can also opt for a concrete finish of various kinds or a finish that uses natural stone.


The curb is one of the most important but also perhaps one of the most underrated of construction areas. Yet it’s importance as a cut off point to delineate areas is unsurpassed.

Our expertise in building curbs extends to several kinds of curbs and areas – roads and pavements where mountable curbs are needed, sometimes along with gutters, garden beds where mower curbs are called for, barrier curbs on roads at a higher level from the surrounding area and garden curbs delineating the walkway from the garden bed.

Our expertise in building curbs that are neat, functional, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing has been developed over years of experience. Inherent in this, is our expertise with excavation and concrete, and the related processes of form filling, curing and finishing.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are solid structures used to support soil at different elevation levels typically in sloping areas or where there is a possibility of soil erosion.

Retaining walls also bind soils at two different elevation levels, thereby creating a landscaped look. At Amazing Construction Ltd., our team understands the need of customers to create and forge such looks that will create unique landscapes on their properties. We accordingly work towards building functional structures that incorporate engineering design and aesthetic value in the terrain, and thereby create breath taking garden spaces on your prized property.

Complying with the city’s by-laws and regulations for stability and solidity is crucial in such matters, and our engineers ensure that all design and safety compliances for such structures are stringently followed.

The result is beautiful surroundings with structured walls designed to enhance your landscaping with layered levels that set off the shape of your property.

Retaining walls also come with immense long-term cost benefits, since they protect the soil from drainage and slippage due to the forces of gravity, both of which are the bane of gardeners and property owners.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Our expertise extends to the construction of full-size outdoor basketball courts. The construction of the court requires considerable skill to get the various steps right.

We start by staking out the area that will occupy the court proper, before digging to the necessary depth. This is followed by a number of sequential steps involving application of gravel, court boundary framing, installation of a steel rebar for concrete reinforcement, pouring of liquid concrete, smoothing thereof, grid cutting of the setting concrete to prevent cracks, and finishing. This is followed by the installation of the hoops at either end of the court and markings for play on the court.

Our teams work in close coordination across the entire set of activities involved, so it is reasonable to expect a court to be completed in a couple of weeks, after curing of the concrete.

Tennis Courts

Though the game of tennis is played on a variety of surfaces like grass, asphalt and clay, it is concrete courts that stand the test of time, arguably offer the most uniform bounce, have cost maintenance benefits and can be quickly readied in the event of inclement weather preceding a scheduled play session. Good post-tensioned concrete courts or reinforced concrete courts are becoming increasingly sought out for these reasons.

We implement both post-tensioned concrete courts, where a grid of sheathed steel tendons in the concrete are evenly tensioned in all directions as the concrete is being cured. This strengthens the strength of the concrete as the resultant compacting practically eliminates any possibility of shrinkage or cracks over a period of time.

Reinforced concrete tennis courts are equally strong, but require control joints at regular intervals over the surface of the court to reduce the chances of cracks developing over time, though such joints come with the possibility of joint widening after a few years.

Avail of our expertise in construction of your outdoor concrete tennis court, right from site selection, choosing your kind of court based on your budget and implementation.

Basement Floors

A basement is generally considered a good-to-have room in a large property, though being sub-level, requires considerable experience in construction from various angles. We are specialised in poured concrete basements, which are the most preferred type of construction, Poured concrete offers strength and solidity.

The construction of your basement starts with the pouring of concrete for the footing for the foundation.

Our specialisation in basement floors that are well-founded and cured form the basis for the construction of the walls of your basement.

We exercise good care to ensure solid foundations with zero ingress of water seepage from external sources in the foundation bed, ensuring that you have a moisture-free basement after the completion of basement walls has been done, following associated good construction practices.


Our reputation for building elevated concrete porches precedes us. Much longer lasting than their wooden cousins, if done correctly, a concrete porch acts to support the structure of the adjoining building as well as serves as an effective shaded sit-out area, if needed.

Our team of experts take care of the challenged involved, right from assessing the land quality, the creation of the foundation, framing the porch area using bricks, creating a subfloor with metal sheathing and steel channels that help with the weight arising from the huge quantities of concrete that are to follow.

We offer various finishes to the concrete, so as to give the porch an aesthetic appearance.


Strong, easily accessible and firm steps and staircases call for careful attention to detail, right from the design stage, where a study of the load the stairs will take are assessed.

Staircases and steps require transferring the load to the slab to which they connect and to the foundation in the ground at the base of the stairs or steps. Following these design principles also takes care of the firmness of the stairs or steps and eliminates altogether any possibility of them moving or shifting and thereby becoming hazardous.

We are a reliable contractor for the construction of staircases and steps of various designs, including those which lead to the porch of your property.

You can choose from a variety of finishes that compliment the concrete construction work with an aesthetic look.


Though sidewalks are considerably less stressful to build than driveways, they are no less demanding on the use of materials they require and the aesthetic designs that will set them apart.

At Amazing Construction, we pay close attention to the forms we use to set the concrete, the stakes, the shape finalised on and the finishing. We take special care to ensure the control joints that will appear years down the line as the concrete in your walkway ages due to shrinkage.

Our expertise in concrete handling, pouring and curing however ensure a sidewalk that is strong, durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and easy on the feet.


Amazing Construction’s expertise in building pillars of the load-bearing variety extend to a number of projects for commercial, industrial and home sectors.

Our civil and structural engineers start by calculating the load the pillars are required to take in order to support the superstructure and transfer the load to the footing of the structure. Other factors like soil study, the zone in which the structure is being built, need for building in safety through the application of various design codes, seismic conditions etc are carefully evaluated.

Our expertise in RCC pillars, reinforcements, concreting and finishing make us a reliable partner for pillars in various establishments.