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Driveways are amongst the first things to be seen on entering a property and consequently, the first signs of a well-maintained and cared-for property.

Behind every well-laid out driveway, however is an elaborate process of land clearance, soil grading, excavation to desired levels -preferably rock strata – to ensure solid foundation for the load of vehicular traffic, and several layers of gravel, sand and materials all duly compacted that will reinforce the structure. Drainage is a key factor in a driveway especially one that is built with a top layer of paver blocks, as poor drainage can result in pooling of water and weakening of the driveway surface. Where necessary, geocell technology that will facilitate drainage of water at the foundation level of the driveway is deployed.

Amazing Construction has successfully installed many kinds of driveways for clients over the years, ranging from asphalt, gravel, cement and paver driveways. We pay as much attention to aesthetics as we do to construction of your driveway, and many of our satisfied clients tell us that their driveways have become the envy of their neighbors!


The first impression is the last impression they say and the pathway that leads to your front door is what catches the eye of every visitor. Behind that eye-catching look however lies considerable planning and effort.

The good walkway compliments the front steps and stairs, the porch and the patio of the property it leads up to. Careful attention needs to be paid to design, distance, dimensions, adjoining soil areas and laying. The laying process which involves digging, installation of a gravel base, paver sand and finally paver blocks. Well done walkways do not show signs of collapse, lasting for years before any signs of collapse can appear.

We have constructed a number of walkways that adequately reflect our competence in this area. And though offer a wide variety of designs and options that suit every taste and need, we start your project with an open mind, always ready to incorporate some fresh design that you wish us to implement.


Of special interest in a property is the outdoor area – sit-out if you wish – that adjoins your main structure. Derived from the Spanish, the patio is almost always at the ground level and never includes an elevation.

Patios are intended to enjoy the outdoors and relax in the company of friends and family over a cup of tea. Consequently, they need to be creatively designed and set up with aesthetic appeal high on the list of must-haves.

Our patios are designed after we engage in a discussion with you at your site, and include recommendations for the final finish which ideally should include concrete and/or interlocking blocks and a dash of landscaping in the vicinity. Since a patio will almost always require a set of patio furniture, it will need to be large enough to accommodate these as well as seating for a good-sized attendance.

Commercial Walkways

Amazing Construction’s expertise in building pillars of the load-bearing variety extend to a number of projects for commercial, industrial and home sectors.

Our civil and structural engineers start by calculating the load the pillars are required to take in order to support the superstructure and transfer the load to the footing of the structure. Other factors like soil study, the zone in which the structure is being built, need for building in safety through the application of various design codes, seismic conditions etc are carefully evaluated.

Our expertise in RCC pillars, reinforcements, concreting and finishing make us a reliable partner for pillars in various establishments.